We’re all given the same number of hours in each day, but some people just seem to be more productive with what they’ve got. So how can you make it into that group?

If you’ve ever wondered where the day went as you’re collapsing into bed at night, you’re not alone. Take active steps to get back on track with these easy time management tips:

Set Goals

The first step to finding more time is to figure out what you’ll do once you find the time. Need help getting started? Simply answer this question: “If I had an extra hour each day, I would….” Perhaps you’d practice mindfulness, get healthy, read your favorite author, or simply tackle your to-do list. With clear goals in mind, you’ll have both the motivation and direction to move forward.

Stop Wasting Time

Want to know where all your time goes? Keep a journal tracking each move you make for one day. You’ll soon find what’s in line with your life goals, and what’s a far cry from them. Perhaps you watch endless hours of TV each night. Or maybe you spend 30 minutes each morning lazily scrolling through Facebook after the alarm clock goes off.

Maximize the Time You Already Have

The best way to make good use of your existing time is by being present in each moment. If you need a quick way to get there, start with your senses. Observe what’s going on in front of you. Note one thing you see, one thing you hear, and one thing you can touch. Now take a deep breath, and focus on how it feels to savor the moment.

Do Things You Enjoy

Bike, go for a run, get out in nature, or read. Research shows that we’re happiest when we allot time for leisure activities. Our quality of life actually increases. And a quality boost trumps a quantity boost any day of the week.

Young woman reading outside in nature
Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash
Give Yourself a Break

Take some time to stop and rejuvenate. Be calm, practice mediation, or just breathe. Recharging gives you energy to do the things you want each day, to pursue a healthier you. Much better than spending down time scrolling mindlessly through social media.

Cross Something off Your To-Do List

Procrastination is the biggest time-eater known to humankind. Instead, get up and knock out your to-do list. It’ll propel you into motion, and increase your drive to keep going. Crossing that dreaded item off your list is an intrinsic energy booster.

Get to Bed Earlier

When you crawl into bed late night after night, you’re automatically destining yourself for groggy tomorrows. Instead, begin completing your bedtime routine earlier each evening. Set a timer that reminds you when to start winding down for the night.

Reclaim Your Waiting Time

We all have times when we’re forced to wait. From standing in line at the bank to waiting on hold with customer service, sometimes waiting is inevitable. Use that time to jot down your thoughts and feelings for the day. Have an app ready that can guide you through deep breathing exercises. Listen to an inspiring audiobook on your commute. Take time to reconnect with who you are and start building a better you.

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