You’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about what you want your home to look like, but have you thought about how you want it to feel? Our environments do, after all, have a noticeable effect on our state of mind. If you’d like to change the energy of your home, try using feng shui, a centuries-old approach to design.

In feng shui, every object is associated with a certain energy. By carefully choosing and placing the objects in your home, you can control the energy of every room in the house. One of the easiest ways to do that is to choose objects of a specific color.

Every major color is associated with a certain energy, whether that be tranquility, anxiety or focus. Here are 5 especially important colors along with some tips for how to use them.


Blue causes a sense of calm and healing. Use the oceanic hues as a base for intricate décor, especially those made of wood.

The North, East and Southeast areas of the home that most benefit from this relaxing color. Some common room choices include bedrooms, bathrooms or patios.


Evoke the feeling of new beginnings, freshness, and growth with green.

Use multiple shades to mimic the effect of being in nature. It’s not necessary to dominate a room, accents like pillows or artwork will produce the desired effect. One easy way to bring green in? Head to a local nursery and pick up some houseplants.

Use liberally in the East, Southeast and South areas of the home.


White is associated with cleanliness and clarity. It creates a sense of precision and focus, and it’s great for brightening the energy of any space.

White is perfect for small or dark spaces, but it’s versatile enough that it’s useful for almost any type of room. You might want to use it in an office space to promote better concentration.

It’s ideal in the West and Northeast areas of the home.


Red is a vibrant and powerful color, so it should be used sparingly. If you were thinking of painting your walls in this fiery shade, you should definitely reconsider. Too much red can cause feelings of anxiety or anger. However, in small doses red is a lucky color.

Use in the living room, dining room and kitchen. Focus on small details and accessories, like wall decorations or centerpieces. It’s best in the southern area of the home.


Like red, purple has an intense energy. It’s connected to wisdom and cosmic insight. That makes it a great color to use in meditation rooms.

In the South, Southwest, Center and Northeast areas of the home, purple is beneficial in small doses and in lighter tones. Aim for lavender or similar shades.

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal space and the energy that flows through it—then take a look at our communities to find your future peaceful abode.