The first hints of spring are blooming around the corner. While we shake off the snow and begin daydreaming about the beach, it’s time to start thinking about the ultimate spring tradition: Spring Cleaning! The task may seem insurmountable now, but if you break it down into smaller chunks, you’ll have your home sparkling and ready for the warmer weather in no time.

We’ve compiled a handy calendar-style to-do list, breaking the Spring Cleaning project into single-day tasks. Feel free to start wherever you like, pick a day at random and cross off your progress as you go.

Day 1: Organize your clutter

Bookshelves, old boxes, piles of coupons that expired months ago—starting with the “quick fixes” is an excellent way to kick off Spring Cleaning season. Pick something that guests would see the second they walk in the door and put it away. You’d be surprised how much your space opens up when you focus on reducing clutter.

Day 2: Dust and vacuum the bedroom

Change your sheets and blankets. Dust your bed frame and headboard, along with any surfaces you see but don’t touch on a regular basis: the tops and sides of your dresser, door handles and dust frames, your bedroom windows. When you’re done dusting, vacuum—then see how much better you sleep at night with the dust all gone.

Day 3: Clean out your closet and drawers

Go through all your old clothes and separate them into piles: items that are ripped or unwearable, items you wear on a daily basis, items that you want to donate, and items that can be put in storage (like heavy winter boots and snow pants). Ask your office staff for a recommendation on where to donate unwanted clothing.

Day 4: Laundry Day #1: Winter coats & heavy clothes


Day 5: Bathroom countertops and sink


Day 6: Showers and bathtubs

Tip: Spray everything down, then let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe everything down with a damp cloth, then use the showerhead to rinse everything with clean water.

Day 7: Scrub down the toilet


Day 8: Wash bath mats and shower curtains


Day 9: Outdoor space

Dust and sweep your balcony or porch. If you don’t have one, take a few minutes to think of ways you can bring the outdoors in – how about a house plant?

Day 10: Washing machine & dryer

Spray and wipe down. Make sure the dryer lint is completely cleaned out, and be sure to dust the tops, sides, and backs of the machines.

Day 11: Laundry Day #2: Bedding


Day 12: Clean out the fridge and freezer

Take everything out of every part of your fridge. Wipe down all shelves and hand-wash any parts that can be removed. Throw out any old food and create an organization system that’ll set you up for success.

Day 13: Deep-clean the oven

TIP: This might get smoky! Open the windows and run fans while you work.

Day 14: Wipe down the microwave

And you don’t have to do it all with elbow grease. Take a small plate and fill it with about a quarter cup of water. Add two drops of dish soap, give it a stir, and microwave it for two minutes on high. The resulting steam will loosen up those tough-to-scrape spots so you can wipe them away with a damp paper towel.

Day 15: Clean Kitchen sink and counters. You’re halfway there.
Day 16: Kitchen trash

Wipe down the lids and insides of your trash cans with cleaning spray. If you’ve got the time, soak the lids in a solution of one part cleaning spray to five parts water overnight. This will help you when it comes time to give it a good scrub.

Day 17: Wash all lesser-used cookware (Crock Pots, glass cookware, etc.)


Day 18: Laundry Day #3: Towels, tablecloths, hand towels, and cleaning cloths


Day 19: Kitchen cabinets

Throw out any expired food and empty boxes. Organize and label spices and tough-to-find ingredients.

Day 20: Sweep and mop wood and tile floors
Day 21: Electronics (TVs, computer screens, handheld gadgets)

Tip: Now’s a good time to make sure you have chargers for everything

Day 22: Windows and screens

Tip: If the weather’s nice, turn off the AC and leave your windows open to fill your home with fresh air.

Day 23: Dust ceilings, vents, and fans


Day 24: Vacuum everything within reach


Day 25: Laundry Day #4!

Wash all spring clothes, including your light jackets, sweaters and work clothes that haven’t seen the light of day since September.

Day 26: Dust walls and baseboards


Day 27: Wooden surfaces

Use a wood polish to clean and buff your dining room table, desk, coffee tables, and any other surface you have in your home that’s made of wood.

Day 28: Dust curtains and drapes


Day 29: Doors

Tip: Besides dusting and wiping down all of your doors, now’s a great time to pick out a trendy springtime decoration for the front door – maybe a wreath made of fresh flowers?

Day 30: Clutter Check

It’s been a whole month! All that clutter you focused on at the beginning may have crept back – see what you haven’t used over the course of the month. Make note of what to throw away and what to donate.

Bonus: Self-Care Day

You did it! Settle into spring with a relaxing bath or a cup of tea out on the sparkling-clean balcony. You’ve earned it.

Does your busy schedule make it difficult to pick a project every day? No problem! We’ve also provided a weekly version with to-do lists that you can tackle at your own pace. Happy cleaning!


Organize your clutter
Dust and vacuum the bathroom
Clean out closet and drawers
Laundry: Winter coats and heavy clothing

cluttered shoes
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Clean bathroom countertops and sinks
Clean showers and bathtubs
Scrub the toilet
Wash all bath towels, hand towels, bath mats, and change the shower curtain
Dust, organize and sweep your outdoor space (if you have one)
Dust the washing machine & dryer
Laundry: All of your bedding, including towels and washcloths


Clean out fridge and freezer
Deep-clean the oven and microwave
Wipe down kitchen counters, sink, and trash cans
Wash all lesser-used cookware
Laundry: Towels, hand cloths, hand towels, and cleaning cloths


Empty and organize kitchen cabinets
Sweep & mop all wood and tile floors
Sanitize all electronics
Dust and wipe down windows, screens, ceilings, vents, and fans
Laundry: Spring clothes (light jackets, sweaters, workout clothes)


Dust walls and baseboards, curtains/drapes and doors
Polish all wooden surfaces
Clean all doors, and decorate your front door
Take a moment for self-care with a relaxing bath or a cup of tea