If you’re familiar with Throwback Thursday, Man Crush Monday, or find yourself saying YAASSS in everyday speech, chances are you’ve heard of FOMO, or the fear of missing out. It’s easy to experience FOMO as you’re scrolling through your friends’ Instagram stories, Snaps, or Facebook posts showcasing their latest travels, accomplishments, and relationships. FOMO often influences our decisions. You might decide to go to a party, or hop from bar to bar searching for the best Friday night experience even though you’re exhausted … because you don’t want to miss out.

Thanks to social media, we experience FOMO even after events have taken place — e.g., wishing you were at that wedding your friends posted about. And FOMO isn’t limited to social outings; it also applies to material longings as well (e.g., craving that distressed farmhouse-style DIY look for your kitchen that’s everywhere on Pinterest).

Joy of Missing Out (JOMO)

Now, FOMO has met its match in JOMO — the joy of missing out. This “new” trend is one that’s always been around, as any introvert could tell you. But for those of us who haven’t yet mastered the art of saying “no,” it’s helpful to have a phrase that expresses the fact that some nights, you just want to stay in. Or enjoy a new experience without posting it anywhere. And that’s totally OK.

JOMO acknowledges the minimalist concept of “less is more.” Sometimes, a busy social calendar isn’t what’s best for your well-being, no more than a home that’s cluttered with things you don’t need. By saying no to certain experiences, you’re actually carving out more space for the things that truly matter most to you. Whether that’s snuggling with your furry family members, finally making your aunt’s Coq au Vin recipe that takes hours and hours, or simply taking time for yourself to recharge.

Home, Sweet Hyggeligt

Another fun term that’s been cropping up is “hyggeligt.” This one isn’t an acronym: it’s a Danish word that defies direct translation. But the essence of it is being cozy and at home. Once again, Urban Dictionary puts it best:

There’s nothing fancy or FOMO-inducing about hyggeligt. Very simple concepts are at its core: warmth, and comfort, and home. To say “yes” to this sense of peace in ourselves, whether at home or not, sometimes we have to say “no” to other things. Even if that means ignoring your phone as you explore a new hiking trail, or connect with something outside the norm that doesn’t correspond with an Instagram challenge. That’s what JOMO is all about.

To experience JOMO, you don’t need candlelight or a Danish accent. All you need is the mindfulness to say no to things you don’t need … so that you can say yes to the things you do.

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