It can be tough to figure out how to decorate your space and make it comfy. Not to mention, when you add in the restrictions of a tight budget, the decorating challenge becomes even more elusive. That’s why we’ve compiled these tips for chic décor on a budget. Here are some simple, creative hacks to help you transform your apartment into a mod home – without breaking the bank.

Look in All the Right Places

Take a trip to the thrift shop. Or Find a yard sale or an estate sale to uncover some funky finds at great prices. It’s doable and worthwhile, especially if you’re willing to invest the time. Begin with a plan, but also leave room for unexpected finds. Look underneath, look behind and rummage to find the perfect statement piece that sets the tone for your apartment.

And, don’t forget to look for treasure right under your nose. Reuse existing items in your apartment in striking new ways for a completely free makeover.

Layer Your Finds

Create an instant impact by layering. Layering creates dimension, making random objects into an artistic focal point. For instance, instead of replacing your couch, boost the look by layering colorful pillows that showcase your style.

Pro tip: Try layering wooden or metallic discs for a bold coffee table piece. Layer your mantel with books and whimsical pieces that convey your style.

coffee table with decor
Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash
Think Sentimental

Use meaningful photo prints or your own art to create a sentimental, conversation-starting piece. It’s cheap, and it’s artsy. Group craft store letters together into a thought-provoking word. Frame a special note or memento. Enlarge a photo of a quiet and serene favorite: the family barn, a hummingbird spotted outside your window or a black-and-white of your grandparents’ wedding.

Brighten Up a Room with Hints of the Outdoors

Well-placed touches of the outdoors, whether a single sprig or a full bouquet of flowers, can spruce up any room. Reflect natural light by placing a mirror opposite a window. Create a rustic arrangement with shells, pinecones or interesting pebbles, displayed in a nicely textured bowl. When you bring nature inside, you have the option to change your décor with the season. From a vase of blossoms in the spring to an arrangement of colorful leaves in the fall, your sanctuary can change with any season.

Build it Yourself

Build a headboard, a coffee table or a bookshelf, being as adventurous as your craftiness allows. And since rustic is the favored look of today, pallets and repurposed wood can now look like a million bucks.

Paint, Just a Bit

Can’t afford (or aren’t allowed) to paint the entire apartment? Just paint a small piece of furniture. It’s a bold, dramatic move that catches the eye and instructs the color palette.

Change the Lighting

Lighting does a great deal for the mood and décor of a room. The perfect lamp, candle holder, or lantern can make all the difference and transform the entire look of your space. Just experiment around until you get it right, and have fun with it!

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