Living alone can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. What we don’t always realize is that being alone and being lonely are two different things. Time spent alone can be rejuvenating and even inspiring. The trick is learning to embrace time alone, not dread it. Here are a few of the best parts of living alone:

You Can Make Your Space Totally Your Own

When you live alone, you have the first and final say about how your space is set up and decorated. Pick your favorite colors. Put your bed in the corner. If you can dream it, you can do it. Fill your home with what you feel represents you.

And another thing: No one else is around to mess up your stuff. Your grandmother’s china will remain unbroken and your couch unstained. Unless, of course, you commit those acts yourself.

Do What You Want, When You Want

A space to yourself means no one will be around to judge you for living your weirdest, grossest, loudest life. Clean the dishes, or don’t clean the dishes. Blast your music and stop wearing pants inside. Who cares, it’s your space to do whatever you want.

Pro tip: A quick note on bathrooms. It might be a good idea to keep this clean so you can take long, luxurious baths without anyone banging on the door saying they need to get in.


Have Guests or Don’t Have Guests

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for other people, which really sucks when you come home and your roommate is having a dinner party. Unwanted socialization no more. Living alone means you can totally decompress, an especially important activity for the introverts among us.

The flip side is true for all you extroverts out there. Have guests, invite your friends for dinner or from anywhere and everywhere to stay with you as often as you’d like. You never have to worry about upsetting roommates by having friends over so embrace all the guests you desire.

Pro tip: Use your communities amenity spaces to host events. You can socialize as much as you like without letting anyone in your personal space.

Learn More About Yourself

Perhaps the biggest perk of living alone is having the time and space to discover more about yourself. Living with others can be distracting, which is sometimes good, but if you have a new hobby you’re into or projects you plan to undertake, time spent uninterrupted is invaluable. And even if you do find yourself getting maybe a little bored, it could be what pushes you to pursue something new and rewarding.

Transitions are often challenging and living alone is no exception. But keeping in mind the huge perks of aloneness can help. Your first (or next) apartment alone could lead to awesome new interests or at the very least, great times spent eating Chinese food and taking a bath blissfully uninterrupted.

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