Sometimes you just want to stay in for date night. With amenities galore now offered to apartment dwellers, staying in has never been more exciting. Find your apartment’s amenities below and check out these 15 date ideas to get the ball rolling.

The pool.

Pack up some fresh mimosas, cold fruit, muffins, and a red checkered tablecloth, and head down to the pool for a long brunch in the sun.

Wi-Fi in common areas.

Create your own movie in the park. Grab a blanket and spread out on a grassy area. Use the Wi-Fi and watch a movie under the stars. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Community garden.

Have a picnic in the garden area. Pack a picnic basket with takeout and head to the lawn. Don’t forget the cooler with drinks! After you’ve finished eating, scroll through photos from when you first met.

Fitness center.

Become yoga buddies and take a yoga class together in the fitness center. If your apartment doesn’t offer classes, find a video offering or a YouTube channel with a couples’ yoga video. It’s mindful, it’s challenging, and it’s a way to bond.

Coffee bar.

Enjoy a cup of fancy coffee together while playing a retro board game from the 80’s.

Courtyard with gas grills.

Fire up the grills and treat yourselves to a barbecue for two– complete with potato salad, dill pickles, and crunchy potato chips! Bring a mason jar of fresh flowers and an outdoor speaker to add to the ambiance.

Fire pits.

Pack blankets, sticks, and marshmallows. Then cuddle up for a cozy evening of roasting marshmallows. For extra fun, bring a flashlight and a book of mad-libs to fill out together.

Recreation room.

Challenge your honey to a game of foosball or billiards. Loser has to buy the wine and Redbox!

Walking trails.

Lace up your running shoes and train for a 5K together using an app like Couch to 5K or Runkeeper.

Bark park.

Take the dogs to the community dog park to play together. Or, take it a step further: Transform the outing into a photoshoot and snap photos of the excursion! Be sure to bring cute props and accents, like pup bandanas, lovies, etc.

Happy Hour & Library.

Rendezvous after work and enjoy happy hour while you cuddle up with a good book in the library.

Rooftop deck.

Head to the rooftop and soak in the sun. While you’re there, learn a new skill together, such as painting or calligraphy.


Find a fun recipe and try your hand at being a chef for the day. Don’t be afraid to experiment with rich flavors and see who can make the most innovative creation. Or play it safe and make mini homemade pizzas together. Get all the toppings arranged in bowls and challenge each other to a contest to make the best one.

Bike trails.

Explore nature on your bikes. Hop off and collect your favorite finds to display in your home. Stop off on the way back and watch the sunset together while sipping your favorite sports drink.

Pool play.

Channel your inner child. Grab some colorful floaties and head to the pool for a handstand competition.

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