From fashion to food to hotspots, New York City is known for setting trends. So when we heard about the latest craze out of the concrete jungle, we were instantly intrigued. Just when we finally fell in love with a good day party, we discovered Daybreaker. The ultimate club experience no longer ends at the break of dawn. That is when it begins. Thought that Grande Cold Brew or acai bowl kicked your day off, you haven’t felt the endorphins of a 5:30 a.m. dance party.

Rooted in the notion of wellness, self – expression, and community, Daybreaker started  as a social experiment in a Union Square coffee shop five years ago. After repeated nights of mean bouncers, drunken bouts, and no one dancing, the idea was born to flip the traditional fun of nighttime clubs into a healthier daytime jump starter.

Now in 22 major cities across the globe, Daybreaker, is a morning rave that kicks off with a meditative yoga session, local talent, and culminates with dancing. All before your 9 a.m. meeting. Who says you can’t start the day with a dance fest instead of ending it?

Come As You Are

Forget the snooze button to be pumped and present at 5:30 a.m. for one-hour of deep house yoga, followed by a two-hour dance revelry with a few guest surprises. Complimentary lite fare and refreshments are available but don’t expect anything on tap or that comes in red or white.

Feel free to show up in a unicorn pajama set, yoga pants, or suit and tie. No need for the pomp and circumstance of a red lip or moto jacket- unless you want to of course. Downward dog with your seven-year old (yes, your little ones are allowed), office manager or downright stranger. All are welcome.

Release Your Inhibitions

AM is the perfect time to let your mind and body be free. Daybreaker suggests that the act of dancing sober in a community in the morning releases “happy chemicals,” and we can’t agree more. This event is about tapping into self-love, an active lifestyle, and community. Quite frankly it just feels good.

New York State of Mind

With innovative exhibits, robust concerts and technologically advanced venues — we turn to New York for the pulse of what’s next. Not too long ago did we accept that the pairing of lavish brunch menus with the hottest DJs makes for a great day party. The shift from partying at night to day, and now to dawn has us intrigued. New York may be on to something with this trend.

For an events calendar of what cities, the party breaks at dawn next, click here.

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