Ready to bring some extra productivity into the new year? These days, we lead such busy lives, it’s hard to keep track of it all. Life is hectic, and one to-do list just isn’t enough. For instance: Where do you keep track of goals? Manage work projects? Record your pup’s vet visits? Remind yourself when to change your oil? Start the year off on the right foot with these tried and true, top-rated productivity apps.


Using cards and boards to track project flow, Trello is the best way to manage life for visual people. Loop extended family into the vacation planning, manage your blog’s content calendar and keep track of new year’s resolutions, all in one place.

Remember the Milk

With this app, you can remind your significant other to pick up chocolate on the way home from work. Remember the Milk syncs to all your devices, making it the ultimate to-do list for list lovers. It’s like having a person with a great memory reminding you of your tasks wherever you go.

Google Keep

Jot down a note with Google Keep. It’s a Post-It Note that goes with you everywhere, without interrupting or distracting from your day. Bonus perks include being able to speak and record a thought, add a reminder, or snap a picture on Google Keep. It’s like sticky notes that stay organized for you by an ever-present, super-efficient personal assistant.

If music is your muse, get brainy music from It’ll help enhance your mental state, whether you want to focus, meditate, grab a nap, or just relax.


For those who miss the simplicity of paper, use MindMeister to capture your free-flowing thoughts right away instead of waiting until you have time. Keep your ideas organized by theme, and capture new ones as they arise. Brainstorm that new novel with MindMeister mind maps and present the entire flow with a visual presentation.


Need a visual for how well you’ve stayed on track today? Use Todoist to track your productivity and meet your goals for the year. Todoist rewards you with a score that lets you earn or lose Karma as you reach your goals.


And for when you run across something interesting but don’t want to break your focus: use Pocket. It lets you save interesting articles to view later, even if it’s offline.


How much time do you waste on social media? Looking to decrease that number, but don’t know how? Restore focus and modify your daily habits by bringing a full-time monitor by your side with RescueTime. You’ll soon know how productive (or unproductive) you are in a given day.


You’re more productive when you take care of yourself. This app can help you re-center and recharge when things get too hectic by taking you back to a safe place, namely, a virtual bed. Get calm with painting, music, and breathing exercises through a #SelfCare sanctuary, wherever you are.


Learn to stay focused on the task in front of you and stay present in the moment by eliminating your phone addiction. Forest app lets you plant a tree that withers whenever you spend time on your phone.


Timely is best described as the equivalent of having a personal coach at your side holding a timer. Get recommendations to train and improve your daily productivity with this time tracking tool.

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