Tulip Library is not an old library full of dusty books — it's a fabulous collection of over 100 kinds of tulips. Every year, at the beginning of April, the blooms blossom on the north side of D.C.’s Tidal Basin, and stretch between the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. A more petite tulip library is housed at the Netherlands Carillion, across the Potomac River in Virginia. Showcasing approximately 10,000 Holland bulbs in a fabulous variety of colors, these flowers are planted and maintained by the National Park Service. There’s no fee to walk amongst this breathtaking display, and it's well-worth a visit. Plus, it's convenient to the apartments at Park Place DC, so you really have no excuse not to visit! Fun fact: did you realize that tulips were first known to have decorated the palaces of Turkish royalty and were imported to the U.S. via Europe by early European settlers?  Bet you didn’t!

Tulip Library
Near the North side of the Tidal Basin
Between the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial
Smithsonian Metro Station
Washington, DC 20024