Located in the heart of Hampden on 36th street is a unique specialty book store adorned within this small, Baltimore community. Since 2004, owner Susan Weis-Bohlan has been welcoming customers into Breathe Books offering classes on healthy living, meditation, lectures, and psychic readings. With hundreds of books available on a variety of topics including medicine and healing, philosophy, nutrition, ecology, and prayer, the selection has grown immensely over the past eight years.

Breathe Books' Susan Weis-Bohlan

Recently, Susan, a certified Ayurvedic consultant came to the conclusion that something in Baltimore was still missing. A healthy, Ayurvedic inspired vegetarian café. “I want to show the world how to be a healthy vegetarian, which means I want people to know that cheese, sweets, pizza and peanut butter do not a healthy vegetarian make”. Susan plans on using healthful ingredients in lieu of the traditional items you may be used to, “We will not be using white flour or white sugar; every ingredient will have some sort of nutritional quality” she says, “So we’ll use dates instead of white sugar — or agave or maple syrup or honey; things that have vitamins and minerals.”

Breathe Books

Susan managed to accumulate funding for the café through donations of dedicated customers and friendly investors, rather than taking out a bank loan. So many believe in her idea of bringing health and love to the community through food, that the book store owner acquired $150, 000 in donations to create her vision.

With construction under way, the goal for a Breathe Book Store café opening is set for early June.

Breathe Book store current hours are Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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Images: Breathe Books , Facebook

Laeticia is a mother, runner, and writer. After struggling with health issues for years, Laeticia became vegan, changed her health, and went from not being able to lift her leg and agonizing pain, to running half marathons. She became aware of animal cruelty through her research, and strives to teach her son why she doesn’t eat them. Currently training for her first half marathon, Laeticia aspires to motivate others to live a healthier life. Visit her personal blog at www.vegwritingmomma.com or connect with her via Facebook and Twitter.