There’s no denying that books are beautiful. Whether they’re stacked on your coffee table, lining the walls or holding up your nightstand, literature isn’t just for intellectual enrichment, they’re a stunning addition to any room, and when it comes to books, less is more.

But you don’t have to simply arrange your books in alphabetical order in a standup bookshelf to show off your burgeoning library. Creative bookshelves allow you to transform a wall or room, and they turn your classics into artwork themselves! So whether you want a setup where you can peruse your collection or just want a way to show off your book bucket list, get some ideas from these gorgeous book displays!

This bookshelf lets stark geometric shapes create a piece of artwork that only gets enhanced when filled with colorful book bindings.

Image: Teaching Literacy

If you want to arrange your books into their own beautiful art, you don’t have to purchase an expensive and complicated shelf. Purchasing a frame and building in shelves at different angles creates the same effect, and when hung on the wall, you will look both refined and well-read.

Image: little blue deer

If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, though, there are bookshelves available that will make your home truly stand out! Emptying a piano and filling it with books might be one of the most genius-by-association combinations we’ve seen.

Image: Mystery Fanfare

Our personal favorite is this patriotic bookshelf. Whether you hang it on your wall in order to better see your books, or as inspiration to write the Great American Novel, this bookshelf is wonderful.

Image: Neatorama

Books mean so much to us, so why not show them off? No matter what path you choose, you’ll feel more literate, and decorated, right away!